Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my contact information changes?

If you are changing contact information like your email address or phone number, go to the Volunteer page and click on 'Update'. If you need to make a name change, write to Dick Yates at

Why won't the signup page let me on the roster?

You may have typed your name differently than you did when you initially registered. If you are still unable to access the roster, contact Dick at or (503) 991-5525.

I forgot to write down the glean address!

The email you receive after you sign up includes a link to information about the glean, including the address. If you have signed up for the glean but have lost this email, go to the TCFB Gleaning website and click on the 'Volunteer' button. Click the button there to get another email. If you have any trouble, contact Dick. You are also welcome to contact Allison at

How will I know where the glean is?

After you sign up, you'll see a page with the address of the glean and helpful information, such as whether a ladder is needed. This is the only place the actual address appears on the website so write it down or print it out.
You'll also receive an email with the same information and a link back to that web page. If you want to check out your history of participation or have the email resent, go to the 'Volunteer' button on our homepage.

The Thurston County Food Bank has a Gleaning van which we use for transportation to gleaning sites and for loading the harvest. We promote car pooling for gleans; if you are interested, the Gleaning Coordinator and volunteers will meet at the Warehouse Distribution Center (2260 Mottman Rd. SW, in Tumwater) to load the van before departing for a glean. Please communicate with the coordinator to participate.

Who can I contact with Questions that are gleaning and event specific?
Allison Zusi is the Gleaning Coordinator at the Thurston County Food Bank. Her contact information is

How are gleans planned?

Glean leaders meet with crop owners to scout the property and discuss glean logistics. The size of the roster is determined by the amount of produce, the number of available volunteer staff, and parking space. Our goal is to accommodate as many people as possible.
We are indebted to property owners and commercial growers who share our mission.

Commercial growers are able to donate for a variety of reasons. Sometimes produce is left over because it wasn't sold or wasn't ripe at the time of harvest. Some crops are unsuitable for machine harvests, and other crops are too small to fulfill a cannery contract. These factors mean that we don't know which large-scale crops will be available each season, and often have only a few days' notice to plan gleans.

Because of the rich history of gleaning in Thurston County, most of our gleans are with farms we regularly visit.

Can I bring my kids?

We encourage parents to bring their children, but please be aware that some gleans will be more suitable for kids than others. We believe that picking with TCFB Gleaning is a valuable educational experience and a fabulous opportunity for young folks to give back to the community.

Please inform Allison prior to the glean that you will be bringing your children.

What tools and equipment will be provided?

Thurston Gleaners provides gloves, some rain gear and equipment, boots (we may not have your size), and hand tools to aid in harvesting and prepping vegetables. If there is a situation in which it would be helpful to bring some of your own gear or equipment, we will send out a message to inform volunteers who have signed up.