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The Thurston County Food bank operates in two primary locations. Our client services center (CSC) is the location where we have the most interaction with the community. This is where our clients visit and receive food; this is also the ‘home base’ for the nutrition program, school gardens and gleaning program. The address is 220 Thurston Ave. N.E. Olympia, WA. 98501

Our second location is the Warehouse Distribution Center (WDC); this is a large predominantly back-end warehouse location by which we receive food deliveries, and manage satellite and mobile food bank orders. The address is 2260 Mottman Rd. S.W. Tumwater, WA. 98512

Meet our Gleaning Coordinator, Allison Zusi!

Contact Allison: Office Phone (360)754-5703 Ext: 105

Meet one of the founding mothers of our gleaning program as we know it today, Heather Sundean!

Contact Heather: (360)754-5703 Ext: 101

Meet the Thurston County Food Bank Volunteer Coordinator! Insert Photo

Contact Jen: (360)352-8597 Ext: 107