Thurston County Dentists’ Food Drive

This holiday season, a very special effort is happening in our community, to support the Food Bank and families in need. 37 local dentists’ offices have banned together to collect holiday-themed, shelf stable items in their waiting areas, all for donation to TCFB! We want to say a huge THANK YOU to the Thurston County Dentists’ Food Drive, and in particular, to the dentists who conceived of the drive – Drs. Gerald Dolgash and Brian Jackson of Oral Surgery Associates. It is rare to see so many locations all across our area coming together to create a huge impact on hunger!

If you are a patient at one of the participating offices, or even if you just live or work nearby, you are welcome to drop off a shelf-stable donation at any of the following locations (please be sure to check the office’s hours online to ensure it is open when you drop by):

Lacey Locations

Dr. Larry Adams 5340 Corporate Ctr LP SE, STE A
Dr. Jerry Giddings 730 Sleater Kinney RD SE    STE H
Family Dentistry – Dr. Herbert Todd 4445 Lacey Blvd SE
Drs. Spenser Cammack and Venn Peterson 5201 Corporate Center CT SE
Dr. Zachary Ehrmantrout 8685 Martin Way E STE 101

Olympia Locations

Impressions Dentistry – Dr. Suneet Bath 4538 Martin Way E STE 103
Meridian Campus Family Dental – Dr. Josh Carpenter 3201 Willamette Dr NE STE A
Cooper-Moss Advanced Dentistry 1105 4TH Ave E Ste A
South Bay Periodontics – Dr. Bart Coppin 128 Lilly Rd NE STE 105
Light Dental Studios –Dr. Mikhail Garibov 220-A Lilly Rd NE
Dr. Kenneth Hancock 1401 E 4TH Ave, Ste 100
Dr. James Hutchinson 1010 Union Ave SE
Gentle Dentistry – Dr. Paymon Kamkar 2616 Yelm Hwy SE Ste A
Lacey Denture Clinic 3925 Pacific Ave SE
Northwest Center for Prosthodontics – Drs. Rodger Lawton and Joshua Manchester 3425 Ensign Rd NE STE 210
Nisqually Tribe Dental Clinic 4818-B She-Nah-Num De SE
Drs. Raj Rohila and Terrance Mah Olympia Endodontic Group 208 Lilly Rd
Light Dental Studios – Dr. Daniel Skipper 3910 Martin Way E
Olympia Prosthodontics – Dr. Robert Stover 3622 Ensign Rd NE STE D
Capital Oral Surgery – Dr. Ryan Womack 2008 Caton Way SW STE 101
Dr. John Walker 1105 4TH Ave E, STE B
Atlas Dentistry / Cramer & Bond Dentistry 1502 Bishop Rd SW
Dr. Carey Lasley 1801 West Bay Dr NW STE 101A
Dr. Jeff Lemon 2705 Limited Lane NW STE B
Dr. Rob Perlot 2968 Limited Lane NW STE A
Thurston Dental – Dr. Jagger Sapp 220 Lilly Rd NE STE B
Westside Dental – Dr. Kyle Winter 3000 Harrison Ave NW
Fisher Jones Family Dentistry 2415 Pacific AVE SE

Tumwater Locations

Dr. James Wilder 3702 Ensign Rd NE Bldg 9
405 Cooper Point Rd NW STE 104
Oral Surgery Associates 3924 Martin Way E
Affordable Dental Care 6015 Capital Blvd SW
Dr. In Choi 3926 Cleveland AVE
Dr. Arne Gunderson 115 Cleveland AVE SE
Dr. Jerry Moody 501 Tyee DR SW
Olympia Dental Center 1840 Barnes BLVD SW
Dr. John Shingu 3926 Cleveland Ave SE

Working to end hunger in our community