Staff Directory

 Client Services Center
220 Thurston Ave NE, Olympia, WA 98501
Phone: (360) 352-8597
Fax: (360) 352-7732

Dennis Aker Warehouse Assistant
Geena Barker School Nutrition Educator [email] Ext 123
Olive Bresham Client Services Coordinator [email] Ext 109
Jennifer Butti Volunteer Coordinator [email] Ext 107
Robert Coit Executive Director [email] Ext 102
Annalise Duerr-Miller CSFP Program Coordinator [email] Ext 106
Carol Finsand Food Demonstrator [email]
Judy Jones Operations Manager [email] Ext 103
Jamie Milletary Client Services Coordinator [email] Ext 112
Michaela Winkley School Gardens Coordinator [email] Ext 123
Laura Woodworth Nutrition Education Manager [email] Ext 111

Warehouse And Distribution Center
2260 Mottman Rd SW, Tumwater, WA 98512
Phone: (360) 754-5703

Chris Bauermeister Satellite and Mobile Program Coordinator [email]  Ext 106
Adam DelCastillo Driver [email]
Terra Hegge Bookkeeper [email] Ext 102
Morgan Lord FORKids and Summer Lunch Coordinator [email] Ext 104
Sue Lundy Kiwanis Gardens and Gleaning Coordinator [email]
Lynn Malley VISTA Gleaning Coordinator [email] Ext 108
Isaac McKenzieSullivan Warehouse and EFAP/TFAP Manager [email] Ext 103
Andrew Rose Driver [email]
Heather Sundean Operations Manager [email]  Ext 101
Patrick Suther Warehouse Assistant and Driver [email] Ext 105
Receptionist [email]  Main