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Supplemental Visits are Back

We are very happy to announce that Clients can now come weekly for Supplemental Visits *in addition to* a Full Visit!

That means our community can now come once a week for a Full Visit (regular visit), and a second time weekly for a Supplemental Visit.

The Supplemental Visits contain specific foods that are donated: breads, pastries, and produce. So, if you find you would like to come and receive an extra portion of produce, pastries or bread during the week – this is for YOU!

Currently, Supplemental Visits are offered during Distribution hours at the Downtown Olympia Client Service Center and the Lacey Client Service Center. We will be adding these visits soon to our Pop-Up Distribution Program as well !

Newborn Baby Bags

If you are expecting or have a newborn up to 2 months old tell us so we can give you a Newborn Baby Bag.

Food Pantry Clients If you are an expecting parent or have a newborn, let us know at your next visit so you can receive your Newborn Baby Bag with goodies.  It has new essential and handmade items that every new parent needs

 Clientes de la Despensa de Alimentos, Si es un padre o madre que espera un bebé o tiene un recién nacido, avísenos en su próxima visita para que pueda recibir su Bolsa de Bebé recién nacido con golosinas. Tiene nuevos artículos esenciales y hechos a mano que todo nuevo padre necesita

Call (360) 352-8597 x 212 for details.