Food Drives

We greatly appreciate businesses, churches, schools, and other community groups that organize food drives on our behalf.

Here are the steps to organizing a successful food drive:

  • E-mail us or call (360) 754-5703 to inform us that you are planning a food drive. We are happy to provide you with food collection containers and a scheduled pickup. Please note that our food drive program is volunteer-run! We appreciate your flexibility in allowing us to match volunteer schedules to your pickup needs.
  • Download one or more of our needs lists:

You can also add our logo to your event handbill or flyer.  Click here to get our logo page, then right-click the logo and select Copy Image (or Save Image), and save it to your PC.

The months of November, December and January are the busiest time of year for our drivers. If you have the ability to pick up your food collection containers and drop off the proceeds of your drive, this is a wonderful gift to the Food Bank during the holiday season! Call or e-mail us to arrange a drop off time.

Working to end hunger in our community